Don’t be the next cyber security statistic!


By prioritizing cybersecurity, organizations can mitigate the risk of data breaches, financial losses and reputational damage. Whether you're an individual or an organization, understanding the importance of cybersecurity is fundamental to navigating the threat landscape safely and securely.
The increased connectivity of the digital world means greater security vulnerabilities and cyber risk. Remote and hybrid work arrangements, increasingly sophisticated attackers, creative social engineering, and a rise in the number of passwords people use have all contributed to more cyber attacks. The results can be costly. Organizations that are ill-prepared or lacking in security and risk protocols will find themselves paying a hefty price both in reputation and financial loss.
While it’s nearly impossible to prevent all cyber attacks, your organization can reduce cyber risk by ensuring it’s prepared for the most common types of attacks. 

The most common types of risk are:
  1. Compromised passwords / credentials
  2. Social engineering and phishing 
  3. Internet-facing services 
  4. Supply chain attacks 
  5. Man-in-the-middle attacks 
  6. Structured Query Language injection attacks 
  7. Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS)
  8. Malware
  9. Ransomware
Am I covered my system is hacked? We recommend a cyber liability insurance policy to protect against financial losses resulting from a breach. Cyber insurance covers your cost to notify affected parties, diagnose & repair your system, regulatory fines, & lawsuits from the exposure of protected data. Contact us for more information on cyber insurance today!
To learn more about each risk; please check out Dataminr's Don’t Forget About These 9 Common Cyber Risks.
For more information on cyber security, click to read the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency's Cyber Security information page. 
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