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The Effects of Coronavirus on your Business

Written By: Jimmy Norton, CPCU COVID-19 has arrived here in the US, and people are wondering how it will affect them.   At this point, the CDC says that "the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low."  However, public reaction to the threat of a pandemic can negatively affect your business. Several of my clients are asking how their business insurance will protect them.   The spread of Coronavirus is a developing situation, so things may change quickly.  Please monitor the  CDC website closely for updates . I've been studying insurance industry articles on how different policies may respond to Coronavirus-related claims.  Naturally, coverage for any claim depends upon the specific circumstances. Please don't interpret this article as proof positive of any insurance protection.  These are just my thoughts as I study this topic.   LOSS OF REVENUE Fear of infection may keep people at home.  If people aren't going out to m