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Wait, Don't Click That!

Written by: Venee Galloway, SBCS, CLCS, CBIA ​ With the COVID-19 epidemic sweeping across the globe, more and more businesses are using technology to carryout tasks.  Aside from the increased use of web conferencing platforms and online adherence software, everyone is seeing an uptick in emails. Inboxes are now inundated with messages from vendors, clients and colleagues all sharing COVID-19 related information to help sustain your business during this time. Unfortunately, hackers are taking advantage of the situation.  There have been marked increases in the number of cyber attacks on US businesses. According to Evolve, a leading Cyber Liability managing general agent (MGA), over 4000 fraudulent domains containing the words “COVID and/or Corona” have been registered. These domains are, without a doubt, going to be used to execute phishing and ransomware attacks by posing as recognizable businesses and organizations. On March 15, 2020 the US Department of Health and Human Services repo