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Why are MY rates going up if I don't have claims?

Auto insurance rates have been climbing in recent years. Accidents have increased as more of us are back on the road. Cars and trucks are more expensive to fix Repairs are taking longer, and replacement parts are scarce due to supply chain disruptions. Analysts forecast these trends will continue into 2023. Below is a graphic from Travelers Insurance that explains the factors driving auto rate increases.   Here are  a  few suggestions to help offset rate increases:   1. Consider increasing your Comprehensive and Collision deductibles 2. Bundle your Auto with other policies to maximize policy discounts 3. Check your policy to make sure your vehicle usage information is up to date 4. Watch your drivers. Enroll them in a defensive driving course to educate them about dangerous driving habits and hopefully prevent future claims.   Feel free to chat with our team here at Brock-Norton if you have questions. We are here to help!