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Mail Delays Continue. Use Online Payments.

They warned us, and they weren’t kidding.  Back in September, the  US Post Office announced that mail service would slow after October 1st as part of an overhaul to improve their profitability .   These delays continue to affect insurance customers who send their payments by mail.  Many don’t even receive their bills until AFTER the payment is due.  Mailed payments are taking over a week to get to the right place.  When a payment deadline is missed, insurance companies asses late fees and send cancellation notices.  For this reason, we recommend paying your insurance bills online or by phone.  Most carriers offer these options, and we encourage our clients to take advantage of them.    If you are billed directly by your company, go to their website or go to  our BILLING page  to find the right link.  Check their sites for information on online billing options.  We can provide your policy number or any other information needed to assist you in setting up your account.   If Brock-Norton

Holiday Package Thieves and How to Stop Them

The United State Postal Service anticipates delivering more then 900 million packages during this 2021 holiday season, making it the prime time for “porch pirates” to strike. No one wants that to happen to them. Here are some ways to deter porch pirates from making off with your gifts: ​ Guard Your Gifts: 7 Effective Strategies for Defeating Porch Pirates This Holiday Season: read more 10 Clever Ways to Foil Porch Pirates: read more