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Financial Safety for Travelers

By; Marie White Travel Smarts for Your Money and Identity Thieves love tourists. It’s nothing personal. They’re just looking for an easy target – someone who’s carrying cash and credit cards, tablets and cameras, passports and other identification, all while being distracted by the new sights and sounds all around them.   So how do you take it all in without allowing a thief to take off with your money, identity and other valuables? These five travel tips should help:   Stay aware of your surroundings.  This applies to all situations, from your hotel room to crowded public spaces. If a stranger bumps you, check your belongings immediately, even if it seemed accidental. Also use caution if you notice a public disturbance or other commotion – thieves appreciate a good distraction.   Watch out for digital thieves, too.  If you use public wi-fi, only visit secure sites (addresses starting with “https”), and log out of accounts after each session. Need cash from an ATM? Paying for gas at th

Pandemic Payroll Tips for Work Comp Audits

By Jimmy Norton, CPCU The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in dramatic ways.  Companies have closed their doors or reduced operations out of public health concerns.  Employees were furloughed or laid off until businesses could operate safely.  Fortunately, disaster assistance programs like the PPP helped employers keep people on the payroll during the pandemic.    If you carry a Workers’ Compensation policy, you will soon face your annual audit.  The Insurance Auditor will want to see your actual payroll records for the policy term.  Here are a few important things to remember if you paid employees to stay home or perform different duties.    Workers’ Compensation policy premiums are based on gross payroll assigned to different classifications based on the type of work performed.  Each classification carries a different rate based on the hazards associated with it.  How do you classify an employee who sits home while on a paid furlough from work?  Ratemakers in the insurance indus