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  By: Marie White A friend of mine asked me to read her nephews essay that he wrote for one of his scholarship applications. It is a very good essay and clearly explains what many people don't understand about why we all need car insurance. Please take the time to read and if you have any questions about your own insurance, don't hesitate to contact me directly. Marie White Any person can venture on an insurance company website to find the list of ten or fifteen different reasons to get insurance ranging from “It is the law,” to “Peace of Mind.” However, personally, I believe we need to look at the family to realize that not having insurance can have a devastating impact on the financial and personal well-being of all individuals.  Dealing with medical cost and property damage to one’s own vehicle or that of others can be overwhelming.  If one does not have insurance, the majority, if not all of his/her assets can be relinquished or lost due to the extensive costs.  Whether the