Attention Vehicle Owners: Protect Your Investment from Theft


In recent months, we have had several policy holders impacted by vehicle theft. Check out this brief blog for tips on how to reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen!
Vehicle theft is increasing and continues to plague the already strained Auto Insurance Market. With premiums on the rise, inventory low and the time and cost to repair skyrocketing, cars are more expensive to obtain and maintain than ever. Across the country there is a 34% spike of stolen vehicles compared to last year. In DC alone there was a spike of 113% of car thefts compared to 2022. That equals about 18 cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles stolen every day. We should be aware that a majority of car thefts are from people that are stealing cars to strip and sell parts. It is also reported that some cars that are stolen are being sent overseas for sales.
Here are some tips that you can enact at home and in your business to reduce the chances of you waking up to an empty driveway.

  1. Always lock the vehicle when you are not in it. Never leave it running unattended.
  2. Keep keys locked inside your home or office, never leave a key in or around the vehicle or in another vehicle.
  3. Always take your valuables out of your vehicle.
  4. Close the windows and doors completely when not in use.
  5. Always park in well-lit, populated areas. Try to park near security cameras when available.
  6. Do not leave garage and shop doors unlocked/unsecured.
  7. Invest in a vehicle tracking system or telematics devices. If you have one of these please never go after your stolen vehicle. Let the police handle that as you never know the intentions of the person who stole said vehicle.
  8. Report suspicious activities like door pulling, and using flashlights to scope inside of cars to local law enforcement.
  9. Install a motion dash cam.
For more information on how to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle theft, click to read the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s “Vehicle Theft Prevention Brochure". 


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