Train and Prepare Your Employees to Stay Safe in The Heat

The health and safety of your employees should be one of your biggest concerns when they are working outside in this summer heat. There are many things you as an employer can do to help prevent any incidents caused by the heat. Listed below are a few ways you can keep your employees safe out in the heat. 

• Provide access to water, rest and shade. 
• Schedule jobs to allow for rest or rotation of your employees.
• Schedule more physically demanding tasks during cooler times of the day.
• Train your employees to recognize heat illness symptoms and take preventative measures throughout the work day.
• Require employees to wear breathable, light clothing.
• Create and maintain an emergency action plan for heat emergencies. Communicate the plan to your employees.
• Provide first-aid training to your employees for heat emergencies.

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These tips are provided by OSHA and Builder's Mutual,


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